How to respond to personal sin

Tyler and Laramie discuss what it should look like to have a healthy awareness of person sin. So often we find ourselves reacting improperly to the knowledge of our own sin. Frustration, dispart, pride. We will talk about some of these, and we will present a few passages that will inform the conversation.


Pride in Preaching, Galatians 1

Have you every tried to tell someone something hard but true only to have them turn around an discredit you to your face and to other people? It is incredibly easy to develop a defensive personality in situations like this. In fact, it isn’t even something that has to be developed that much. Responding defensively is second nature to us. What I find myself doing is justifying my defensiveness by equating it with the Apostle Paul’s defense of himself. “Paul defended himself, so I must be in line when I don’t let people think and say whatever they want about me. They need to know the truth.” Continue reading Pride in Preaching, Galatians 1

I’m Back!!

Honey, I’m home!! Yes folks, after a longer than anticipated absence I am back in gear to pump out some material. I have very much been blessed by the interaction I have had with some of our readers and listeners here on TPT (The Practical Theologian) blog and Podcast. It has been a humbling experience to talk about God and His word on a platform where people tune in to listen and read. Continue reading I’m Back!!

Can a Slave Please God?

My prayer is for this podcast to inform your heart during and after these pivotal elections of 2016. I will look at 3 main things during this episode:

  1. God is sovereign over this election!
  2. What is our responsibility to the governing powers?
  3. What does God expect of those who find themselves in any kind of limiting circumstance?

I hope this episode is an encouragement to you.