Satan Roams About

What is one of the methods Satan employs to try to thwart God’s plan and steal your joy? Accusation. In this weeks episode Tyler Perry talks about some of the few passages that suggest this role that Satan takes for himself. We will see the two side of his accusations and how one is incredibly effective allot of the time. We will also identify what our only answer is when confronted with these accusations. I hope this episode is a help and encouragement.


Should I give cash to the Homeless? Episode 12

Tyler and Laramie continue the discussion on Mercy and Grace. We do our best to tackle a couple of hard issues. The intention of this episode is not to persuade anyone to do this or that. We bring to you some principles and present some possible applications, but ultimately it is for you to take these truths and apply them to your life. I hope you are blessed and “provoked to love and good works” by this discussion.


Episode 11: Mercy and Grace

In Episode 11, Laramie and Tyler do some chatting, but we eventually get around to discussing Mercy and Grace. Specifically, we try to distinguish between the two for clarity sake. We give some biblical examples, and then we focus on Mercy to see what Jesus has to say about it. Truly, you and I should recognize that you and I have been shown mercy abundantly by God, and that should provoke us to be merciful people to those around us. I hope this episode is an encouragement/rebuke for you.

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