Episode 15: Who gets to teach the kids?

Tyler and Laramie talk through some practical issues that arise when it comes to teaching children theology. One of the more controversial questions would be, “who gets to teach the kids?”. Is Sunday School a legitimate extension of church ministry? Is it completely the parents reasonability to teach their children everything they need to learn about God?

This episode is not intended to necessarily convince you in any one direction. I do hope that you think about the questions and make your choices based on a well though out conclusion. Enjoy!


Teaching Theology to Children

It’s Vacation Bible School time!!

While I hope this is a profitable time for the many congregations that embark on this endeavor, this is also a time that we get to see some of the deficiencies in how we teach children about God. Are we teaching them about God at all, or are we just teaching them behaviorism. How do we use the Old Testament “bible stories” in our teaching? These are some things that Tyler and Laramie talk about in todays episode. I hope this cause us to reevaluate what the goals of teaching children really are.