Helps for your prayer life

In several of our recent podcast Laramie and I have highlighted prayer as a beneficial requirement for all of God’s children that would take knowing His will seriously. But I will admit along with every other student of God’s word that praying biblically sound prayers is not something that happens over night. While it does not require grammatically complex sentence structure or incredibly diverse vocabulary to genuinely speak to God, I would hope that our aim in speaking to Him is to speak in reverence and truth before His throne. I would not speak to the Queen of England the same way I speak to my buddy Joe down the street. But definitely, major on the content of your praying, and not so much the style. Continue reading Helps for your prayer life

Finding God’s Will: Your Sanctification

This week we continue our series of “Finding God’s Will” by discussing Christian maturity, aka growing in holiness, or the $5 word we all know and love: Sanctification. We will discuss what it means, what it entails and how we can look back through our Christian life and rejoice in God’s hand in our spiritual growth. Our laser tag giveaway is still going strong, so don’t forget to comment/message us on Facebook!


Finding God’s Will for Your Life

What is the will of God? Is there something hidden we have to unlock or uncover through signs and a still small voice for us to know what God is really trying to tell us? Listen in with Tyler and Laramie as they discuss what the will of God actually is and the freedom found in God’s holy word for knowing God’s will for your life.


TPT Hangout!

Join our hangout sessions as Laramie and I (Tyler 😉 kick back and bounce around on a couple thoughts. Hear us talk about what been going on in our lives and some of what we have been reading in the Scriptures. Pick up on a cool tattoo idea! Listen for an awesome opportunity to get involved with us personally as I present our listeners with some cool ideas. But remember, it will only be for the first 5 responders, so don’t miss it!

Otherwise, kick back, and enjoy some down time with the two Practical Theologians.