I am the Wicked Man: Psalm 1 Revisited!

Every once in a while we all have to eat crow. That would be the case for the episode Laramie and I recorded a couple of weeks ago on Psalm 1. While we were giving some practical applications for the text, it seems that we missed the Messianic, Prophetic nature of the Psalm.

A friend, and fellow pastor, gently approached us about needing to adjust out thinking on the passage, and as we listed to his explanation, not only were we convinced, but we also decided to invite him back on the show to give some explanation to the text. You will recognize the voice of Cali from past episodes, and I hope this episode will prove to point you heart to Christ.


Bloody Robes

In this episode Tyler leads the discussion as he walks through some of what he has encountered in his reading through the Bible in a month. We will take a look at the sacrificial system as laid down in the Pentateuch, and then take a look at Hebrews to see the one and only sacrifice needed for you and I today. It was an encouragement to my heart (Tyler), and I hope it points your heart to Christ as well.