Post Debate Talk

Tyler and Laramie are finally reunited after an extended break. They spend a couple of minutes catching up before talking through their thoughts on the recent debate between Pastor Cali and Pastor Talbert. If you haven’t yet check out the Facebook live video of the debate ( ) or wait until the post production version is uploaded to our YouTube. Either way, give us your thoughts. We pray it’s a blessing to you.


Personal Reflections

Today Laramie gives us some brief insight into his personal life lately, gives an abortion debate update and then spends the rest of the time speaking on Pro. 18:2 & 13. God has called us to hear and understand before speaking. What does this mean and how has he failed doing this in his own life. Our prayer is that this is beneficial for you.


Typology Part 2!

Cali joins me again to continue through another example of recognizing Typology in the OT. In todays episode we will trace the teaching from Jesus in John 3 all the way back to Numbers 21.

Also, big news as we announce the finalized information on the upcoming Abortion Debate. “Abortion Legislation Debate: What is the Biblical perspective?” Saturday, July 22 at 6pm-8pm. Debate will be held at Victoria Independent Baptist Church, 1162 Old Goliad Rd, Victoria TX.

May todays discussion be a blessing. May it help you down your road of reading and understanding the message of the Bible.


Typology at its best!

This week Tyler is joined by frequent visiting pastor, Cali, from Sermon In The Park Church. We have a great discussion about Typology. What is it? How do we recognize it when we read it in Scripture? How is it helpful in our understanding of the overall meaning of Scripture? Then we look at a very interesting example of Typology in action in the book of Exodus. I hope you enjoy this discussion. Feel free to ask question or leave comments.