Episode 11: Mercy and Grace

In Episode 11, Laramie and Tyler do some chatting, but we eventually get around to discussing Mercy and Grace. Specifically, we try to distinguish between the two for clarity sake. We give some biblical examples, and then we focus on Mercy to see what Jesus has to say about it. Truly, you and I should recognize that you and I have been shown mercy abundantly by God, and that should provoke us to be merciful people to those around us. I hope this episode is an encouragement/rebuke for you.

Laramie and I would also like to invite you to interact with us in the comments below. Also, Visit us find us on Facebook as well at The Practical Theologian. We would welcome questions, comments, or pretty much anything you want to say. I hope to interact with you more in the future. Thanks for listening and reading.


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