Fresh Start

So, this is my first attempt at running my own website. I have lots of ideas for this thing 🙂 Myself and a friend are starting a podcast where we discuss theology and biblical matters in a very practical way. We will reference particular Scriptures on particular topics and give a down to earth explanation of how we should be living out the truth of said passages.


Hope for the future

My hope is that this will be a recourse for people of all ages and walks. I LOVE talking shop about Scripture and our walk with God. I am hoping to build a vibrant community around these discussions. I want us to help each other grow in knowledge and understanding of God’s word in a very practical way.



What to expect

  • Expect at least bi-weekly podcast episodes.
  • Daily article and blog updates.
  • An in depth bio of Tyler Perry(not who you are thinking), your host, and Laramie Gildon, a frequent guest host.
  • Biblical positions on all the major non-negotiable doctrines.
  • Some information about my local church and how you can be a part of it.
  • Good clean fun.
  • And, hopefully, and closer walk with the Lord who loves us and gave His life for us.