Post Debate Talk

Tyler and Laramie are finally reunited after an extended break. They spend a couple of minutes catching up before talking through their thoughts on the recent debate between Pastor Cali and Pastor Talbert. If you haven’t yet check out the Facebook live video of the debate ( ) or wait until the post production version is uploaded to our YouTube. Either way, give us your thoughts. We pray it’s a blessing to you.


Message for the Doubters!

My heart has always had a soft spot for the people who admit they struggle with assurance. I think I am sympathetic because I have struggled with it myself. But today I want to share a message with you all from Galatians 3:15-16 that I hope will provide a good basis for confident faith in the promise of God to save you based on the world of Christ.

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The Church as a Body

Today I welcome a new guest to the studio. Dallas Quinney is one of the other Assistant Pastors at Victoria Independent Baptist Church. Today Dallas and I talk about the church as it is illustrated in the Scripture as a body. What are some of the implication of this illustration, and what is your responsibility as a part of it? Please prayerfully consider what your part in you local church is, and always seek to grow not only yourself but also those around you.


Sovereign Over Us: Tears Allowed

We are trying something a little different this week. We wanted to continue our series on God’s sovereignty and take it from the perspective of a contemporary Christian recording artist. Listen in as we walk through the lyrics of “Sovereign Over Us” and the beauty found in these rich lyrics. Our prayer is you are encouraged to continue pressing into God’s word and growing in your trust in Him.


Finding God’s Will for Your Life

What is the will of God? Is there something hidden we have to unlock or uncover through signs and a still small voice for us to know what God is really trying to tell us? Listen in with Tyler and Laramie as they discuss what the will of God actually is and the freedom found in God’s holy word for knowing God’s will for your life.


Do we really care?

Many times we see hurting or needy people, and while me may do our part to intervene in their situation we miss significant aspect of engaging them with our hearts. We miss the “Weep with those who weep”. Join Laramie and Tyler as they look at some scriptures that show us what Godly compassion really is. See how God has shown compassion to us, and now we take that compassion to others. We pray this is a blessing to all who listen.

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Episode 22.5: Man does not live by bread alone!

In the midst of our discussions on misinterpreted, misapplied and misconstrued passages, Tyler and Laramie take some time to discuss the importance of time in the word. Is reading the bible mandatory? Does it have to be in the morning? What if I don’t like reading or I read slow? Where do I start? Listen as these questions and more are answered and brought into the lens of a biblical perspective to properly understand why the Christian life is well spent, when it is time spent in God’s word.